Cyclist Delays Bus

The Kingston Police say a 50 year old man has been taken into custody, following a bizarre incident on June 23rd.

The accused was seen riding a bike down Brock street, trying to flag a bus driver down.

The bus driver could not safely stop for the accused, as she had already merged back into traffic.

At a red light, the accused caught up to the bus and pulled in front of it, getting off his bike and taking a child from the rear seat.

He then allegedly placed the child in the road, and proceeded to block the bus from moving with his bicycle, while yelling and screaming at the driver.

This behaviour was repeated at another stop on the route, causing several delays for the bus.

The accused was contacted by police on June 24th, but refused to meet them…he turned himself in on Wednesday to face charges of causing a disturbance, and obstruction of property.


Dean French – Chair Appointments

The head of a committee that helps appoint justices of the peace has resigned after reports that he has ties to Premier Doug Ford’s former chief of staff.

Ford’s office says it had been reviewing Andrew Suboch’s appointment as chair of the Justices of the Peace Appointments Advisory Committee, and he has since resigned.

Dean French resigned as Chief of Staff in late June, after it was revealed that several people named to foreign postings were connected to him.


Group Warns Parents of “snap maps”

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection is reminding parents to be aware of what their kids are doing on social media, especially certain app features.

A new, location-sharing feature on popular app Snapchat is prompting the concern.

If the location services are turned on, Snap Maps will reveal the user’s current location, and allow anyone to see the user’s story.

The centre adds there is a real safety concern in others being able to track children’s daily movements, as the feature updates your location each time you open the app, not just when you post.

They recommend talking to children about setting the app to Ghost Mode, which keeps the location private, and making sure their friends on snapchat are people they have met in person.


EV Charging stations – Downtown Kingston

The City has announced the installation of two level 3 fast charging stations for Electric Vehicles in downtown Kingston.

Construction on the Frontenac Lot stations will begin on Monday, and is expected to be completed in 2 to 3 weeks.

Level 3 fast chargers provide a full charge to most EVs in less than 1 hour, and will cost $17 per hour to use, plus additional parking fees.