You’d think he’d be more angry but no, he was chill as hell.


For those who don’t know, Slayer is one of the most famous heavy metal bands in the world, with cheery songs about Raining Blood, being South of Heaven, serial killers, wars, apocalypses, murder. They’re not a very easy-going band, musically.


So when you hear that the lead singer/bassist Tom Araya got spit on at a gig, you’d expect all hell to break loose right?


Well the exact opposite happened, while he was certainly peeved, the worst it got was a couple swears and a look of disappointment.


The fans eventually started chanting “Fuck that guy” even as Tom just stood on stage saying “What was that about?” and using his hands in a fashion similar to this:




Just goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover. The guy was eventually kicked out by security, and when the crowd started chanting “Slayer”, Tom just waved his hands and said “That guy was a jerk, let’s just have a good time” (paraphrased).


You can watch the encounter here, it starts around 1:45


Oh and if you want to know what Slayer actually sounds like, try not to fall asleep while listening to their soothing sounds: