Kingston Concerts


Apr 1 - Apr 30



Here are your Kingston Concert listings for May 2019. For the most up to date listings, visit 


Date Show Venue
03-May Jenica Rayne RCHA
03-May Chris Jackson Blu Martini
03-May Oakridge Avenue Mansion
03-May Layne Duke Little Texas
04-May Hoozhear Mansion
04-May Clem Chesterfield Royal Tavern
04-May Brock Young Royal Tavern
04-May Solange & Shea Kingston Brewing Company
04-May The Chalklines Little Texas
07-May Thousand Island Players Stonewater Pub
10-May Chris Jackson Blu Martini
11-May Smitty Kingston Spearhead Brewing Company
11-May Taegan McLaren Band Little Texas
16-May Brownman Electric Trio Mansion
17-May The Tonekats Little Texas
18-May The Great Perhaps Little Texas
18-May The Great Unwashed Blu Martini
19-May The Monarchs Little Texas
24-May Jordy Jackson Little Texas
24-May The Rickartons Loaf N Ale
25-May FF2F Portsmouth Tavern
25-May The Ice Gods Blu Martini
30-May Lowest of the Low Mansion
31-May Luscious Blu Martini
31-May Knuckle Head Merchant Taphouse
31-May Judas Priest Tribute with Revmatic Little Texas
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