Youtuber Funk Turkey is back with the same program that wrote an AC/DC parody song, as well as Nickelback and Red Hot Chili Peppers tunes, has now taken on Metallica.


Funk Turkey, AKA Kirt Connor, had this to say about the process: “Using to scrape the Genius Lyrics Database, I made a Markov Chain write Metallica lyrics. This is the end result- ‘Deliverance Rides’. All music/vocals performed, mixed, and mastered by me, in my kitchen, on a couple of cheap guitars, a crappy mic, and an old copy of ProTools. All lyrics provided by the ROBOTS THAT WANT TO RULE US ALL (AKA”



He continues with, “I tried to get a sound somewhere between the “Master of Puppets” album and the “Black” album. Lars’ drum sound is quite hard to get right without spending a lot of money (or, in some cases, buying a trash can). Guitars are multitracked a LOT.”

Here is Funk Turkey’s Metallica bot song ‘Deliverance Rides’.