The Louvre is considering selling the Mona Lisa to help out their economy so Sideshow, Ozz and Lew were thinking of what we could sell to help out Canada.

It got us to thinking – what National treasures can we put up for sale? That brings us to our exciting announcement…we are selling Fort Henry for the below market price of $50,000,000 CAD.

The only thing historical about this waterside property is all the insane parties you’ll be able to throw. You could totally get a band to play and have real live cannon fire for a sweet rendition of AC/DC’s “For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)” For an additional $200,000 you could have the Fort Henry guard as your personal staff changing over your kegs and what not.

Amenities: Home security? How about home artillery? Like it kinky? It’s got tons of dungeons. Massive parking lot. A freaking mote. Cannons. Dope toboggan hill. The Great Hall (for when you want to bring the party inside)

A strategic location in the event of American invasion (you never know) or America you tried to take it in 1812 and now you can steal it for a low, low price.

No trades or swaps, serious inquiries only as I’m a busy guy.

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