Kansas are allowing their fans to preview their upcoming album Absence of Presence, while in self-isolation.

The band has shared the official track listing and a teaser video featuring bits and pieces of new songs; along with the message:

“While everybody who could be at home hopefully is at home, we wanted to give you a sample of new music from our upcoming album, The Absence of Presence.

Songs that can be heard in the video include: Throwing Mountains, Memories Down the Line, Jets Heard Overhead, Circus of Illusion and Absence of Presence.

The new LP is still slated to be released ahead of Kansas’ tour with Foreigner and Europe. It’s scheduled from July 9th to September 13th but that could change due to the ongoing pandemic situation. But, as it stands right now, the album will come out this summer.

The Absence of Presence Track Listing

1. “The Absence of Presence”
2. “Throwing Mountains”
3. “Jets Overhead”
4. “Propulsion 1”
5. “Memories Down the Line”
6. “Circus of Illusion”
7. “Animals on the Roof”
8. “Never”
9. “The Song the River Sang”