I hate to be “that guy” but the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame dropped the ball BIG TIME with its 2020 inductees…

The inductees are: 

Depeche Mode

Doobie Brothers

Whitney Houston

Nine Inch Nails

Notorious B.I.G.



For the first time since 2012, when the fan vote started, has the top vote-getter not made it in. Dave Matthews Band racked up over 1-million fan votes but that was not enough to book their ticket.


It’s a tough pill to swallow, seeing Houston and “Biggy” getting the nod ahead of Judas Priest, Soundgarden and Motorhead; it’s just hard to believe their influence was greater than Lemmy’s.


The induction ceremony will take place on May 2, live from Cleveland Public Hall.


Tickets to the ceremony go on sale, February 27.


– Jesse Tieman



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