Ahead of his new album’s release, Beck has shared a juicy story.

According to the rocker, his first hit “Loser” had just made it big and it led to some strange opportunities.

“I remember getting a phone call one day. My manager said, ‘There’s a film. They want to use “Loser” as the theme song.’ There was a long pause and he said, ‘The name of the film is Dumb and Dumber.’ And I just remember: That sums up what the world thinks of me at this point. I tried to have fun with it, tried to not take it too seriously. But at the same time, it was a little dishearting sometimes.”

So there you have it, “Loser” was almost the theme to Dumb and Dumber. We would have liked that a lot.

Beck’s new album Hyperspace is out November 22.