A new study by the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) has appeared to find the sweet spot, when it comes to the connection between music and mental health…

Their study suggests listening to 78 minutes of music per day can help improve your overall mental health. The study also found it only takes an average of five minutes of music each day to feel marginally happier.


The results are based on the affects music had on the mental health of roughly 7,500 people from across the globe.


For the best results, researchers suggest mixing different genres and tempos into your daily listening, specifically:

14 minutes of uplifting music, 16 of calming music, 16 minutes of music to overcome sadness, 15 minutes of motivational music and 17 minutes of music that helps you manage anger – in order to feel happier, more relaxed, focused and composed.


Throw on a record, chill out and click here to read more. 


– Jesse Tieman