Cellphone Ban

New restrictions on the use of cellphones in classrooms across Ontario go into effect today.

The directive says students can only use personal mobile devices during instructional time if it is for educational purposes, for health or medical purposes, or for special needs.  Some schools already have similar policies, but the directive sets a provincial standard.


Hydro and Ferry

Hydro One and Utilities Kingston have restored power to people following the wind storm on Thursday night.

Some people didn’t have their power restored until late Saturday.

Repair crews weren’t able to get to Wolfe Island on Friday because the Frontenac 2 stayed docked in Kingston until Friday night because of the wind.


Wolfe Island residents had been hoping the Wolfe Islander 3 would be back in service this week, but it wasn’t able to make the trip from the dry dock in Hamilton because of the weather.  The MTO says it needs 20 hours of good weather and low winds to be able to make the trip.

It will be updating the situation with the Wolfe Islander 3 today.


Cars and Coffee – Stop Bullying

The Sunday editions of Cars and Coffee in Napanee attracted an extra-large turnout.

The show was held to support the student at Napanee District Secondary School who was the subject of a bullying incident.  He arrived in a donated limousine.

The theme was simple…Stop Bullying…and it was so popular that three parking lots of vehicles showed up to support the cause.

A 16-year-old has been charged with one count of assault after the incident on October 25th at Napanee District Secondary School that was captured on video and shared on social media.


Fort Fright Cancelled

The wind storm also led to the cancellation of the last two nights of the highly popular Fort Fright event at Fort Henry. The rain and windstorm caused significant damage to props and Fort Fright was not able to operate on Friday or Saturday night.


Fraud Results in Major Losses

It is Crime Prevention Week and Kingston Police is concentrating on preventing fraud…but despite regular warnings that it is a scam…Kingston Police say two people in Kingston have lost a total of nearly $30,000 to scammers posing as Canada Revenue Agency and Service Canada employees.

The victims were told their Social Insurance Number had been compromised and they would be required to send money to rectify the situation.  The two victims sent a total of nearly $30,000 to the scammers after being told to go to bitcoin machines.


CO Detectors

Kingston Fire and Rescue is emphasizing the importance of Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

Carbon monoxide is an invisible, tasteless and odorless gas that can be deadly.  It’s produced when fuels, including the fuels used for your furnace, don’t burn completely.

The fire service says you should have a CO detector on each level of your home.