Pilot – Ultralight Crash

The pilot of an ultralight aircraft was injured in a crash at the Camden East airfield on Fred Brown Road.

The ultralight crashed shortly after takeoff around noon on Saturday.

Reports say it was approximately thirty feet above the ground when it crashed.

The pilot suffered injuries but was able to walk away from the crash.


Arrest – Fraud

A 47-year-old former world class sprinter and convicted drug smuggler is facing 19 charges after being arrested by Kingston Police.

Kofi Yevakpor is accused of fraud involving attempts to purchase high end sports utility vehicles from two Kingston area dealerships and one in Bobcaygeon.

Police arrested Yevakpor in Kingston on September 17 when he went to pick up one of the vehicles.

Yevakpor came to Canada from Ghana in 1994.  The professional sprinter was banned from competition for using steroids in 2004.  He was convicted of two charges of drug trafficking after trying to smuggle almost six pounds of heroin into the U-S in 2006.



Kingston Fire and Rescue says it is limiting the information it provides to the PulsePoint app for the sake of safety and to protect people’s privacy.

The fire department says the original intent of the app was to alert registered users trained to deliver CPR if a cardiac event was occurring within 500 meters of them.

It says it became a platform that notified the community to events like fires and other scenarios.

Fire Chief Shawn Armstrong says publicizing calls for service could unnecessarily place members of the public and first responders at risk and that’s why it is no longer providing that information to PulsePoint.


Queen’s – Local Students

Queen’s University is launching a new program that will provide students from the Kingston area will a debt free university education.

It is called the Promise Scholars program.

Applicants have to receive admission to a Queen’s first-year undergraduate degree program, be a first-generation student from the local region, and have a family income of $50,000 or less.

The university has dedicated funding to support five new Promise Scholars a year…a commitment of $60,000 – $100,000 per student depending on the program of study.


Desjardins Insurance Rink

One of the rinks at the Invista Centre has a new name.

The official ribbon cutting ceremony for the Desjardin Insurance Rink will take place this afternoon.

The ice pad naming agreement with Desjardins Insurance will see the City get $35,000 over the next five years.

United Way – $1 million


The United Way KFLA campaign has hit the one million dollars mark.

The campaign has reached 29% of its goal.  Just over $1 million has been raised so far.  The goal is $3,551,000.

Campaign Chair Scott Harris the campaign needs to keep this momentum going over the next 10 weeks to reach that goal.


No Record High – Goodbye Summer

Welcome to fall.

Today is the first day of the Autumn Equinox.

Kingston wrapped up summer with just about perfect weather on the weekend.

The temperature at the Norman Rogers Airport weather station hit 25.4 degrees on Sunday…just shy of the record high of 27.3 set in 2017.


Glorious Sons

The Glorious Sons wrapped up their latest tour with a concert in their hometown.

The band played to a crowd of 14,000 at Richardson Stadium on Saturday night.  They delivered 2 and a half hours of entertainment for the crowd in the Limestone City.