Joyceville Institution Contraband

Joyceville Institution is releasing information on the contraband that inmates were attempting to bring into the assessment unit.

Correctional officers say the haul included tobacco and cannabis, with an estimated institutional value of nearly 26 thousand, 500 dollars.

They say the police have been notified and the institution is investigating.


Peter Stroud Statement

Sydenham district city councillor Peter Stroud says he did “not intend to upset anyone” when he allegedly blocked a Kingston Transit bus in June.

Stroud released a statement yesterday afternoon on social media, claiming his intentions that day were to gain bus access for his eldest child who had been refused service.

He says he sincerely apologizes to anyone who was upset by his actions, and adds that he will face the charges on the court date with the help of legal counsel.

Stroud is accused of delaying a bus by blocking it with his bike, while yelling, screaming, and hitting the front window.


Mischief Charges

Provincial police say a 44-year-old man has been charged with mischief after a rainbow Pride crosswalk in Prescott was partially destroyed.

Investigators say witnesses saw a truck doing intentional burnouts on the painted area of the crosswalk, leaving black marks behind.

They say some of the colour was destroyed.

Investigators say the accused will appear in court next month.


Asylum Claim Delays

The tribunal that examines asylum claims in Canada is warning that Doug Ford’s budget cuts could lead to a backlog.

The Immigration and Refugee Board is sounding the alarm three months after the Tories cut funding to legal aid by 30 per cent.

The board says the cuts will lead to longer hearings, more postponements and an abundance of missed deadlines because of claimants who may no longer have access to lawyers.

Refugee lawyers have denounced the move, calling it a “horrific” reduction in services that will hurt an already vulnerable population.