Amber Alert

The Toronto Police say the two missing children who were the subject of an Amber Alert early this morning have been found safe.

Officials say the two young boys, ages 2 and 4, were found with their Grandfather driving down Lakeshore Blvd in Toronto.

Toronto Police Service say the kids and their grandfather are in good health, and were located “as a direct result” of the Amber Alert.


Hate Related Crime

The Kingston Police are looking for witnesses to what they describe as a “hate related mischief offence”.

The victim left his car unattended on Notch Hill Road on July 3rd between 9:30 and 11pm.

When he returned, he found his car had been keyed, and racist remarks had been inscribed on the front hood and roof.

Both headlights had also been smashed out.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Kingston Police on their non-emergency line.


Forest Fires

Saskatchewan is offering to host two-thousand evacuees from Pikangikum First Nation in Northern Ontario.

The offer came after the Indigenous community had to halt evacuations because host communities were filled up.

A massive forest fire is blazing just a few kilometres away from the community of about 38-hundred.

The Ontario government says more than 20 communities in the province have been affected by the fires, including residents of Pikangikum.


Microsoft OneNote Scam

The Kingston Police are advising the public of a new phishing scam, using fake Microsoft OneNote audio notes to obtain your login information.

The scam reportedly starts with an email, claiming you have a new audio message from a contact in your address book, with a link to hear the full message.

If you click it, you are brought to a fake OneNote online page containing another link that prompts you to sign into your account.

The police emphasize that Microsoft login forms will only be hosted on,,, or

They recommend typing the web address into the browser yourself, or using your normal bookmarks instead of using links in emails to log in.


Street Art Wall

The city is launching its Street Art Wall pilot project, aiming to establish the Rideaucrest retaining wall at Douglas Fluhrer Park as a temporary, legal, wall available to create street art and murals.

The city has developed some guidelines for the use of the wall, to promote a “positive experience for artists”.

It will be self-regulated and managed by the community, but city staff will monitor the project on an ongoing basis.

The Street Art Wall is open now, and will be accessible until the end of April 2020.


Man Facing 7 Charges

A 30 year old man is facing seven charges, including dangerous driving and theft, following what Kingston Police are describing as a “high risk arrest”.

On Tuesday afternoon, the man was seen driving erratically on Ontario Street near the LaSalle Causeway in a stolen truck.

Police located the accused in the truck on Kingston Mills Road, where he reversed at a high rate of speed and attempted to flee the officer.

The officers blocked his escape route, and took him into custody.


Seniors Fall-Prevention

New data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information shows four out of five seniors who are admitted to hospital with an injury are there because they fell.

Experts say falls are extremely common among the elderly, and can be particularly damaging because seniors have a tougher time recovering than younger people and can suffer from serious complications.

Experts recommend preventing falls by wearing shoes with proper traction, and holding on to handrails when using stairs.