Big Wreck’s Brian Doherty has passed away.

The Rhythm Guitarist had been battling Terminal Cancer, which the band revealed in a Facebook post a couple of months ago.

The band shared the heart-wrenching update last night, via Facebook as well:


Brian passed away at 11:30 last night June 5th, 2019
Brian was my friend. I met him 20 years ago. He graciously let me into his life during these last six years. As we “worked the program” over the phone sharing our experience, strength and hope, he and I touched on the wonderful essence of our sobriety and faith. Yes, we talked music and real life stuff, but the deep philosophical, spiritual explorations were our bread and butter. We’d talk for hours on end on managing our expectations, keeping life in perspective and always growing. While it was some serious stuff, he and I laughed a lot! He was such a wise-ass!
He was so sweet when my daughter passed away, he came to stay with Bet and I for a week! Just to be of service and comfort.
He really GOT the AA program. It wasn’t just a pose to not be a drinker anymore. He grew in maturity and connection to God. He was the one guy out of all the people I reached out to over these last 23 years that seemed to take recovery seriously and prosper. He was a tremendous success as witnessed by those that surrounded him through this crushing journey.
I LOVED our talks. I will miss them. I am so proud to be able to call him friend and privileged to be able to accompany him through this. He is in a better place. No more pain. No more struggle. Just pure joy, face to face with the creator and lover of his soul. I will see him again one day.
Love you Brian.


According to a GoFundMe page set up to raise funds for Doherty’s family and to offset the cost of treatments, Doherty graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, was a guitar teacher, served as a Big Brother and was pursuing a rehab counseling degree with the hopes of starting a therapeutic music and guidance support group for people struggling with addiction.


Big Wreck was formed in 1994 by lead singer Ian Thornley and disbanded in 2002. Thornley and Doherty eventually reunited in 2010 for a cross-country tour. They would go on to record Albatross in 2012, Ghosts in 2014, and Grace Street in 2017.

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