This is a bit of a face-palm moment – for the guys in the hotel suite – but mostly David Lee Roth.

Apparently Van Halen could be heard through the wall of Roth’s hotel room, so they decided to walk over and give the “listeners” the surprise of a lifetime…

The only issue: the guys (allegedly) blasting Van Halen don’t have a clue who David Lee Roth is and think they’ve just upset a neighbor with their loud music, saying they’ll “keep it down.”

The part of the video that makes me cringe is the fact that Roth assumes everyone, in this day and age, knows who he is. Like, it’s not like he looks like Slash or Ozzy. Especially in Vegas, Roth just looks like any other older gentleman in a suit.

Watch the video and judge for yourself!

– Jesse Tieman

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