The Glorious Sons could have something new coming on Wednesday; all signs point to that, at least. 

The rumblings started a couple of days ago, when member of The Union fan club recieved stickers featuring (what appears to be) a new logo for the band with the words “PANIC ATTACK” and 06.05.19 – June 5th aka Wednesday.

That same Underground-style logo is now the profile picture across the band’s social media and they’re been sharing blank, orange images across their feeds just to keep us guessing.


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My guess is it’s an album announcement with a release date and the first single, titled Panic Attack but nothing has been confirmed, as of yet.

The Glorious Sons last record ‘Young Beauties and Fools’ was released in 2017 and earned the band a Juno Award for Rock Album of the Year and mainstream succes in the United States thanks to singles Josie and Sawed Off Shotgun (S.O.S.) 

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