Teachers – Health Care – Budget

Students in Kingston gathered in Confederation Park yesterday after walking out of classes to hold a rally over cuts to education.

Students at Holy Cross held their rally on the school property.

As the protests were taking place the government announced it will be slashing over three thousand teaching jobs. The Ministry of Education says 3,400 teachers will not be replaced when they leave their jobs for a saving of over 800 million dollars.

Teachers unions are gearing up to negotiate new contracts with the government this fall. So, this may make those negotiations difficult.


The Doug Ford government will also be cutting half a billion dollars in health care spending.  It is working with a panel of doctors and is considering cutting funding for a wide variety of services including MRI’s, psychotherapy, pain injections and even colonoscopies.


And – Public Servants in Ontario have been put on notice.

The president of the Treasury Board, Peter Bethlenfalvy, says he will be looking at how to reduce the 72-billion dollars a year the province spends on public sector wages.

Bethlenfalvy says public sectors workers have earned what he describes as their “generous” pay but says the government must ensure the sustainability of programs and services.

Any measures could impact teachers, professors, nurses, Crown attorneys, provincial police officers, power workers and thousands of other public-sector staff.


Frontenacs – 1st Pick

It is a big day for hockey in Kingston as the Frontenacs celebrate their prize for finishing last in the Ontario Hockey League this season.

The Frontenacs are introducing their first pick in the draft at Kingston City Hall today.

President of Hockey Operations, Doug Gilmour will be on hand along with Mayor Bryan Paterson and members of city council.

The Frontenacs are expected to introduce 15 year old Shane Wright as their choice.  Wright is just the sixth player in history to be granted early entry into the Canadian Hockey League.

The team says the player and his family will be on hand for the announcement and presentation of his jersey.


House Prices

If you’re in the market for a house in Kingston – prices are continuing to go up.

Royal LePage issued its quarter report on housing prices yesterday.

It says the average price in Kingston has increased by just over 10 percent in the past year.

The survey says the median price for a two storey house was up about 2% at about $399,000.

The median price of a bungalow rose almost 15% to just over $375,000.


Fake Bylaw Officer

The city says it investigating reports of someone impersonating a Kingston bylaw officer who is trying to abduct dogs.  The city is warning you to make sure your dogs are secure and says you should request I-D from anyone claiming to be a bylaw officer.

The city says there have been reports about someone claiming to be investigating a dog complaint as a way to take a person’s dog.  It says they may be driving a white van.

It is advising dog owners a real bylaw officer would never take a dog over a noise complaint and must have proper identification.

Similar report have circulated for the past few years and there have never been any proven cases of someone driving around in a van abducting dogs.


Fraud Alert

A fraud alert from Utilities Kingston and Kingston Police.

Hang up if someone calls you demanding payment of your utility bill.

Some people in Kingston have already been ripped off by someone pretending to be from the utility. One customer was advised to make a payment at a Bitcoin machine.

Utilities Kingston says if someone has an overdue bill they’ll receive a notice before any service is cut off and it never accepts payment by gift cards or Bitcoin.


YMCA Amalgamation

The YMCA of Brockville and Area & YMCA of Kingston have finalized their agreement to become one regional YMCA. It will be known as the YMCA of Eastern Ontario.

A new board of directors made up of members from the previous boards will manage the new organization.

CEO Rob Adams says they’ve already seen the benefits of the amalgamation and says it’s time to look for new partnerships and expand on current ones.


Moose on the Loose

There’s a moose on the loose in the Sharbot Lake area.

The moose has been seen in the area of Highway 7 and Highway 509 in the Sharbot Lake area.

Frontenac OPP is asking drivers not to stop on the side of the road to take pictures because of traffic in the area that makes stopping on the side of the highway dangerous.


Open House – St. Lawrence

St. Lawrence College is holding its open house on Saturday.

The open house at its campuses in Kingston, Brockville and Cornwall takes place from nine to noon and gives potential students the chance to check out full time programs, speak to faculty and tour facilities.

Parking is free during the Open House.