Fire – Weller Avenue

A fire has extensively damaged the garage, basement and first floor of a house on Weller Avenue.

Firefighters were called to 358 Weller Avenue by someone who notice heavy smoke coming out of the house shortly before five yesterday afternoon.

Kingston Fire and Rescue says there were no people or animals in the house and no firefighters were injured.  The cause of the fire hasn’t been determined.

Weller Avenue was closed from First Canada Avenue to Club House Drive due to the fire.


Fight – Request for Info

Kingston Police are asking for help from the public to identify the individuals in two groups of girls who were involved in a fight on Friday night.

Police say the girls got into the fight at approximately 7:25 p.m. at the bus shelters located at the Cataraqui Centre. Anyone with information on who was involved is being asked to contact Kingston Police or Crime Stoppers.


Domestic Violence

A 25 year old man has been charged after a woman was dragged by a car in the parking lot of a Kingston hotel.  Kingston Police say the man and woman had spent Sunday night and early Monday morning arguing and left the hotel around 7 a.m. Monday.

The woman’s coat got caught in the car door when she tried to get out and she suffered serious abrasions after being dragged across the parking lot.

The man has been charged with dangerous driving and impaired driving.


Tax Season Fraud

The Mounties say people in Kingston are being contacted by fraudsters claiming to be RCMP officers who demand immediate payment of your income tax.

The RCMP issued a notice yesterday reminding you it does not contact people by phone or email for the purpose of collecting fines or taxes.


City Council – A&W Approved

A former heritage bank building across from Springer Market Square will become an A&W restaurant.  Last night city council gave unanimous approval to the heritage permit for A&W to use the limestone building at Brock and King Streets for its latest fast food franchise.

An accessible entrance will be created on the Brock Street side of the building.


City Council – Honk Mobile

Kingston has decided to continue its relationship with HonkMobile.

City council has approved a motion to have staff turn the pilot project into a standard payment option for downtown parking lots.

The program will be expanded…but council also agreed the convenience fee you have to pay for using the HonkMobile App will not apply for spaces dedicated to the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario.


Butt Containers

The City has installed 20 receptacles to collect cigarette butts in downtown Kingston and at Kingston Transit hubs.  It is part of an initiative with Downtown Kingston called Keep it Clean.

The cigarette disposal receptacles will be used to collect the butts for recycling. The remaining tobacco will be composted and the butts will be recycled by a company called Terracycle into a variety of industrial products…including plastic pallets.


Climate Change Survey

A group called the Kingston Climate Hub is asking people in Kingston to complete an online survey about their beliefs about climate change and attitudes on taking action.

Group co-founder Emily Ferguson says it’s an opportunity to assess the level of climate change knowledge within the community and provide the Kingston Climate Hub with a roadmap on where it can have the greatest impact.

The survey is posted at:


Donner Prize

A book by a Queen’s University professor has been shortlisted for the 50 thousand dollar Donner Prize.

The book by Thomas Courchene is called “Indigenous Nationals, Canadian Citizens: From First Contact to Canada 150 and Beyond”.

A controversial book by Dalhousie University’s interim president is also on the list.  It stirred up a firestorm over “racist perspectives” and “oppressive rhetoric”.

The Donner Prize awards ceremony will take place in Toronto on May 1st.


Police Exercise

You may see lots of police activity in the area of the old St. Mary’s Hospital on Union Street today.

Kingston Police will be conducting training exercises at the old hospital site today.

Most of the exercises will take place inside the facilities.