Road trips. the stuff that makes memories, and plots to numerous films. Sure, we would all like to drop everything and travel across the country and get into adventures, but how realistic is that?

Well, fear no more, because we have some road trips you can easily do that won’t be hard on the wallet, or your time.

Here are some road trips you can do in one day if you leave Kingston in the morning…

Lusk Caves in Gatineau, Quebec

courtesy Flikr

Lusk Caves were formed over 12,000 years ago when one of the last Ice ages swept through the are and melted, carving these caves out of the rock. today, you can explore them, and the surrounding areas, as a fun day out with your friends


Sandbanks Provincial Park

courtesy wiki commons

This provinicial park is a short drive west of Kingston. Feel like a sunny day at the beach? Sandbanks provinical park delivers. With sandy beaches and shallow waters that go out for hundreds of meters, you can be there in the morning, and spend an entire day relaxing.

The Thousand Islands

courtesy wikipedia

If you leave anywhere near or around Kingston to Brockville, this may be something you have done to death, but isn’t it funny how sometimes you never go to the attractions closest to you? The Thousand Islands boast numerous activities from cruising on the St Lawrence river, taking the scenic thousand Islands parkway, or visiting Boldt Castle pictured above


courtesy wikipedia

Only a 60km drive north of Kingston, this picturesque little town is home to some of the areas most serene landscapes, and nicest cottage country. There are a ton of shops to explore, restaurants to eat in, and you can even rent a boat for the day to explore one of the many lakes surrounding this gem of a town!


Zipline in Mallorytown

courtesy Skywood Eco Adventure

Just s short drive west of Kingston will bring you to Mallorytown and The Skywood Eco Adventure! You can zipline through the trees on a variety of courses, designed for beginners up to the adventurous.