Waste Diversion

You may have to start paying for every bag of garbage you put at the curb in Kingston.  That’s one option being considered by the city in its effort to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.  Other suggestions include every other week garbage collection, increasing the cost of bag tags and picking up both grey box and blue box recycling every week.

Two reports will be presented at a special meeting of the city’s environment, infrastructure and transportation policies committee on Wednesday.

The city is working on how it can reach its goal of diverting 65% of its waste from landfill by 2025.


This link brings you to the agenda for the meeting that contains both reports:



Council – Climate Emergency

Kingston city councillor Robert Kiley is proposing a motion that Kingston declare a climate emergency.  The motion will be presented at Kingston City Council tomorrow night.  Three delegations are already lined up to speak in favour of the motion.

Kiley says the idea is to have Kingston work on policies and take a leadership role in lowering greenhouse gas emissions.  He says it will also allow the city to plan for changes in climate.

A recent report for city council says Kingston is already 13 years ahead of schedule in reaching its emission targets.


This is the link to the City Council agenda – the motion from councillor Kiley is on page 17 of 24:



Autism Meeting

People attending a town hall meeting in Kingston are considering staging a protest over changes in funding for autism treatment in Ontario.  Kingston and the Islands MPP Ian Arthur held the session on Saturday and it was packed with people concerned over what they are going to do for their children.

Parents told the session current funding isn’t enough and they don’t know how they will be able to deal with a reduction in the funding they receive.

Arthur called the cuts cruel.


Cheer Event

It was March Madness at the Leon’s Centre in Kingston on Sunday.

50 different teams took part in the 8th annual Cheer Evolution event at the downtown arena.

The event involved cheerleading teams with participants ranging in age from 4 to 24 years old.

Up next for the teams is a national event with 500 teams in Niagara Falls.


Lent – Shrove Tuesday – Pancake Day

Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday…or Pancake Day and Smitty’s Family Restaurant in Kingston is supporting Easter Seals with its “All You Can Eat” pancake special.

All of the proceeds from the sales today, tomorrow and Wednesday go to Easter Seals and tomorrow the staff will also donate all of their tips.  In the past 20 years Smitty’s has raised over $73,000 for Easter Seal Kids in southeastern Ontario.