Pot Shops Approved

Kingston City Council has voted unanimously in favour of allowing retail cannabis stores in the city.

But – the city is asking the Ontario government to give it the authority to regulate how close the stores can be to schools.

Today is the last day the province is accepting applications to operate the stores.

A lottery will decide who wins the right to operate a store and only five will be approved in Eastern Ontario.

If Kingston gets one of those five stores it will be in line for $300,000 from the province for police and public health education.

Kingston Police would get the majority of the funding…$207,000 for training and equipment costs related to enforcing legislation related to cannabis legalization.


Youth Charged – Rifle

A frightening incident involving what people thought was a man shooting a rifle out of the second storey window of a home in Kingston has resulted in charges against a 19 year old.

Kingston Police were called to the home shortly after 7pm on Monday after witnesses reported hearing loud popping sounds and a man yelling profanities and threats from the window.

Police says the man wasn’t cooperative when they got there but eventually tossed an air gun out the window.

He’s been charged with possession of a dangerous weapon and pointing a firearm.


Crashes – Request for Help

Kingston Police are asking for help from the public to identify a driver after a pair of collisions.

Police say a vehicle hit a parked car on Division Street near Railway Street …then went the wrong way in the northbound lane of Division…left the road and hit a brick wall sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning.

The driver failed to remain at the scene and didn’t report the collision.

Anyone with information about the suspect is being asked to contact Kingston Police or Crime Stoppers.


Kingston Protest – Pipeline

A protest in Kingston over the arrest of demonstrators fighting construction of a pipeline in B.C. closed one lane of Princess Street in downtown Kingston.

A small group of people gathered for the protest on Princess Street at King Street around 5:00 p.m. yesterday.  Some were wearing masks to avoid being identified.

The group handed out flyers explaining why they were protesting and had cleared the area in less than an hour.


Wetland Rehab 

Ducks Unlimited has started work to develop the habitat at the Clark Island wetland, south of County Road 9 and east of Cuthill Lane in Great Napanee.

It says the large restoration project was more than a year in planning and is taking place on its property that includes a coastal wetland, between Clark Island and the Hay Bay shoreline.

It is being excavated to create open-water habitat for fish in eight pools with a series channels connecting the pools to Hay Bay.


Frost Quake

Dozens of people heard what sounded like an explosion and felt the ground move on Monday afternoon north of Kingston.  It turns out it was a frost quake.

Equipment at Queen’s University measured the quake at 2:36 Monday afternoon.  It was centred just north of Kingston in the Perth Road area.

Here’s an explanation of frost quakes: