Family and Children’s Services just had to buy 60 Winter Coats that they hadn’t planned on.

You help by making an online donation.

There are families that need winter clothing.  FACS plans to get almost 200 winter coats and snow suits for kids from age nine months to 17 years old took an unexpected turn last week. That’s forced them to change what they’re doing with the Tree of Hope.

So, FACS is committed to buying 60 kids the winter coats they need. They urgently need donations of money to bridge the gap.

FACS is already asking for money for the Tree of Hope for gifts for teens and big-ticket items like baby strollers, cribs, bedding and more. Now, they need this as well.

You can donate online with a credit card.


Click here to donate with a credit card now or go to the Tree of Hope Website for more information.