If you look at the wall poster in the background of this photo, you probably wouldn’t think anything of it. One problem: McDonald’s didn’t sanction it or even take the photo. It’s a prank. Jehv Maravilla and his friend Christian Toledo decided to hang a fake promotional poster of themselves at their local McDonald’s in Houston, Texas. It was so convincing that staff didn’t notice until the two pranksters came clean about it- 51 days after they put it up!




Staging a photoshoot that would fit in with the look of current marketing materials, the two got the poster printed and after finding an old McDonald’s uniform at a thrift shop, they hung it themselves during business hours while no one blinked an eye.




While many have gotten a laugh out of their prank, Maravilla and Toledo, who are both Filipino-Americans, used the opportunity to make a statement about the lack of Asian representation in the company’s advertising.



Here’s how they did it:



At the time, McDonald’s hasn’t officially responded but due to the positive response this prank has garnered, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Golden Arches finds a way to incorporate the two into their next promotional campaign and help adjust the balance of representation in their marketing.




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