Rescue Complete


Thailand’s navy SEALs have confirmed all 12 boys and their soccer coach have been rescued from a flooded cave in northern Thailand.  They say the four boys and their coach that were rescued today are all safe.  That leaves a medic and three Navy SEALs who stayed with the boys to still emerge from the cave.  The 12 boys and their coach were trapped by flooding in the cave more than two weeks ago.


Intensification – Toderian


If you can’t convince people high rise buildings are the answer to Kingston’s housing problems…hire someone who has fresh ideas on urban intensification.

That’s what Kingston City Council will be asked to do tonight.  A report into future development and planning policies is recommending the city hire Toderian UrbanWORKS to help develop guidelines for developments focusing on increased height or density.  Brent Toderian gave an inspiration presentation in Kingston early this year on how to increase urban density.




Kingston could become home to a new deep water dock to accommodate the growing number of cruise ships travelling the Great Lakes.

A report for city council tonight is recommending the city acquire the property next to the Queen Street Wharf and spend $500,000 to dredge the water lot next to the Wharf.


Council – Unpaid Fines


Kingston City Council is being asked to write off almost $2.4 million in unpaid fines.

The write-off would allow the city to stop actively pursuing people and businesses that owe the money.  The unpaid fines for things like bylaw infractions and speeding tickets cover the period between 2006 and 2011.

Writing off the fines doesn’t mean they can’t still be collected…it will just them off the active list of the two companies Kingston uses for collecting unpaid fines and bills.


School Repairs Cancelled


Ontario’s new Tory government has cancelled a $100-million fund earmarked for school repairs this year.     The cut comes as a result of the cancellation of the province’s cap-and-trade program.  It is estimated schools in the province need approximately $15 billion in repairs.


The province has also cancelled 2018 summer curriculum writing sessions that would have been used to update school programs based on Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission.


Water Management – Rideau Canal


Parks Canada says water levels on the Rideau Canal are normal right now – but it is actively monitoring levels as hot dry conditions continue.

It says rainfall in May and June was below normal and the 14 day forecast only calls for a chance of rain next week.  It says outflows from Bobs Lake will be increased this week to bring up the water level on Christie Lake and the Tay River.  It will also be increasing outflows from Wolfe Lake to reduce the declining water level on Upper Rideau Lake and Tay River.  Upper Rideau Lake is below its average for this time of year.


Access Award Nominations – Frontenac County


Frontenac County is now accepting nominations for the 2018 Access Award.

The County, in partnership with the Frontenac Accessibility Advisory Committee created the award to recognize people, groups or organizations that have made or are making a significant contribution towards improving access for persons with disabilities in the County.

The Access Award nomination form is available on the Frontenac County website and the deadline for submissions is August 31.

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