We’ve known for quite a while that everyone’s favourite horror classic, “Halloween” was getting the reboot treatment…but aside from a few scattered photos, we hadn’t gotten much of a look at the movie.

That changed today, with Universal releasing the first FULL LENGTH preview…including Laurie Strode in all her bad ass glory.

The movie, which will star Jamie Lee Curtis, Will Patton, and Judy Greer is set to come out on Halloween night this year.

It continues the original timeline, picking up 40 years after Michael Myers first attacked Laurie Strode. But, this time, Strode is out for revenge.

For me, one of the craziest things about this is the behind the scenes – Danny McBride (yeah, Kenny f’n Powers) is a HUGE part of the writing team, David Gordon Green (the guy who produced Kenny f’n Powers) is directing, and John Carpenter himself has been heavily involved in the consultation process.

SOME WOUNDS NEVER HEALMichael and I will see you all next Halloween 10/19/18#Trancasfilms #Blumhouse #Universal #Halloween #H40

Posted by Jamie Lee Curtis on Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Needless to say, it seems like fans of the original series will be thrilled when this comes out.

Now we just have to wait for Halloween…

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