The Vegas Golden Knights have won hockey. No, not the Stanley Cup, but they’ve completely raised the bar with their opening ceremony fanfare. After all, it’s Vegas…what did we expect?


In less than 365 days, the Vegas Golden Knights have gone from non-existence to the Stanley Cup finals, and took a 6-4 win last night in Game 1 against the Washington Capitals. Even if you’re not a Knights fan, you have to appreciate the elaborate medieval / Game of Thrones-style opening production, reminiscent of something you’d see at an Olympic opening ceremony.




They even got Michael Buffer to do the introductions!!



Oh yeah, and Lil’ Jon -alongside the Blue Man Group – was there to perform a free pre-game concert:




The Golden Knights have become known for their “Vegas”-style pre-game intros that tells a new part of the story each time, complete with the Lord of the Rings-style voice over. If you missed it, here’s what they did for the Western Conference Finals opening ceremony.





So what’s next? Will David Blaine stand at center ice and swallow the puck?





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