LOS ANGELES — Roseanne Barr looks more glamorous, John Goodman slimmer. But the mass-market plaid couch is a giveaway that ABC’s “Roseanne” revival hasn’t ditched its roots.

The blue-collar Conner family and the times in which they live are at the heart of the sitcom debuting 8 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday, as they were for the hit 1988-97 show inspired by Barr’s stand-up comedy.

The new “Roseanne” is part of a revival boom that includes “Will & Grace” and “The X-Files.”

Tom Werner, a producer for both the original and new “Roseanne” series, says the prospect of updating the sitcom was exciting as long as the stories about a working-class family were relevant and authentic.

This time around, Barr’s character is a Donald Trump supporter, to the dismay of her sister.

The Associated Press