Every Thursday we like to throw it back a moment in music history that should never be forgotten about. Like that time Bad Religion confused everyone and released a prog album. Then later tried to deny it’s existence.

Bad Religion, for over 30 years now, has been one of the biggest punk bands in the world.


In 1982 they burst on to the scene with How Could Hell Be Any Worse?, an album that was really well received with punk rock fans.


But then, in 1983, they decided to follow up with a progressive rock tinged, keyboard influenced album, Into The Unknown. 


And everyone was really confused. The band tried to hide it during the pre-internet era. Never printed it on CD. For years did not have it listed on it’s website. This album was very confusing and troubling for their fans, and actually caused Bad Region to disband after it’s release, reforming again in 1985. It’s now a highly sought after collectors item.So never forget the time Bad Religion put out a weird album


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