Waretown, NJ — A New Jersey couple said police came knocking on their door due to a complaint about their Halloween decorations — a realistic and bloody car crash scene.
Kevin and Krysten Negrotto of Waretown said they decided to use the car in their side yard, which Kevin uses for drift racing, as the centerpiece of their Halloween decor.
“Instead of it being in the way, we turned it into the main attraction,” Kevin Negrotto told KABC-TV.
The scene features a crash victim — which the couple dubbed “Zombie Bob” — pinned between the Toyota Supra and a tree, with another dummy victim in the yard several feet away.
The scene is surrounded by crime scene tape and plenty of blood.
A fake news report about how Bob became a zombie is pinned to a nearby tree.
The couple said they have received a lot of positive feedback about the display.
“This is a bus stop. All the kids love it. They think it’s great,” Kevin said.
Some neighbors disagree, however, and the police were called to the couple’s home on Wednesday.
“They just said one of the neighbors didn’t like it. They have to come out and let us know,” Kevin said.
They said the police officers were actually impressed by the scene.
“They encouraged us to add more,” Krysten told NJ.com.
The couple said they understand the concerns.
“They think it’s too real. Maybe it hits home too much for some people. And I get that, but it’s Halloween. It’s clearly fake,” Kevin said.
The couple said the display has proven popular with many other locals. They said the owner of a local swimming pool company asked if they could replace Zombie Bob’s sweatshirt with a shirt advertising his company.
“We mean no harm by it,” Krysten said. “We don’t mean to offend anyone. We do it for the love of Halloween. We just want kids to enjoy like we did as kids.”