Downie – Cancer Donations

Donations to the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research jumped by about $100,000 following news of his death.

Pamela Ross of the Sunnybrook Foundation says donations have reached 1.8 million dollars.  Dr. Arjun Sahgal was the radiation oncologist who treated Downie.  Sahgal says Downie’s openness about his illness makes him a modern day icon whose legacy will be as lasting as that of Terry Fox.

Downie – Memory Book – Donations

People who came to Springer Market Square on Wednesday to remember Gord Downie donated $1,239 towards the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research.

The City of Kingston says the Gord Downie memory book will remain in the Square over the weekend and the Square will continue to be illuminated in red and white in his honour.

Paramedics – Assaulted

Two paramedics are okay after they were assaulted during a call to Megaffin Park.

They were called about a person who may be suffering a seizure yesterday afternoon.

The two paramedics were assaulted by a woman and there may have been several other people involved.

Kingston Police were called – but there’s no information from police on whether anybody has been arrested.

Student Arrested

A 16-year-old from Odessa is facing charges of assault and resisting arrest after student were assaulted at a high school on Tuesday.

Police say a student was punched in the head in the school library, another was punched in the mouth when he went to help.  Another student was attacked in a hallway and the 16 year spit in the face of a staff member.

The boy has been charged with four counts of assault, and resisting arrest.

Homecoming Price Tag

The price tag for Kingston Police to handle the Queen’s Homecoming rings in at almost $86,000…that includes more than 72 thousand for overtime.

Figures presented at the Police Services Board show Kingston Police have spent more than $116,000 thousand dollars in overtime this year to police Homecoming and St. Patricks Day activities in the University District.

Last year Queen’s agreed to give the city $300,000 over three years to cover the cost of year round policing.

Both Mayor Bryan Paterson and Queen’s Principal Daniel Woolf think a special nuisance bylaw aimed at limiting unsanctioned parties is needed to address the problems.

Traffic Notes

Front Road will be closed from King St. West to Sandy Bay Lane starting at 7 tonight.  It will remain closed until 5 a.m. on Monday to allow for maintenance work on the rail crossing.

The La Salle Causeway will be closed to vehicles from 9:30 p.m. to 6 a.m. starting Sunday…and lasting through Thursday of next week.  The bridge will remain open to pedestrians and cyclists.

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