The time honoured tradition of homecoming is upon us.

We are not saying to go crazy like the people below, but we cant help but recognize that there is at least one of these at a party, usually the first to cause trouble as well.

Remember kids: Go to sanctioned homecoming parties, don’t cause The Police any trouble as they are just trying to keep everyone safe, and dont feel like you HAVE to drink too much. Seriously…its not required at all.

Now…onto the entertaining idiots…

First, this girl…

This isn’t a beer smash, but impressive nonetheless

Then, there’s this guy

Oh don’t think the older generation can do it?

How could we talk about smashing beers and not put the legend in here?

Oh hey look! Just some bros, broing it up on the SS Broseph

And then, there’s a vet


Remember folks…don’t drink too much, and for the love of god DO NOT DRIVE