We have a winner! And it’s a Unicorn. This summer the 2017 Cheetos Museum, an online gallery, asked fans of the neon orange corn snack to submit their most glorious Cheetos shape. Within the walls of their Cheetos bags, over 100,000 snackers found shapes that included a dinosaur, a “possible” mermaid, a dolphin and everything in between. Throughout the contest’s run, submissions were judged weekly on cheese, crunch, cut and color for a $10,000 prize.
But alas, at the end of August, the finals approached and only the Flamin’ Hot Seahorse and Unicorn made the cut. The brand then asked the public to vote. In a close call the Seahorse missed out on $50,000 and a permanent spot in the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium’s family of oddities. Ah well, at least the sea creature made it that far. According to Cheetos, the decision was a tough one as both the Unicorn and Seahorse, “were the most unique submissions with undeniable likeness to the objects they depicted,” the brand said in a statement.
If you missed out, fear not. The Cheetos Museum just opened The Monster Gallery, another online exhibit that showcase fans’ more spooky Halloween findings. So far, snackers have uploaded a zombie cat, a snake that ate Manhattan, and a squirrel with no head. We like to see the creativity, guys!
Cheetos made headlines this summer when someone paid $99,000 for a Harambe-shaped, one-and-a-half inch long Flamin’ Hot Cheeto.

Click here to visit the Cheetos Museum.

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