Labour Council – Labour Day

A large group of people took part in the annual Labour Day parade in Kingston and heard the message that pharmacare is the next goal for the Kingston and District Labour Council.

President Rej Bruneau told a crowd in front of city hall yesterday…3.5 million Canadians go without pharmacare and aren’t able to afford to fill prescriptions.  He called it shameful and said t this year’s Labour Day Parade campaign is pharmacare.

Sir John’s – Protest

Idle No More staged a protest outside Sir John’s Public House on Labour Day after the pub advertised an, “I love Sir John A.” special.

The promotion posted on its Twitter account said, “There would be no Canada today if it were not for him and despite his warts he was an astute statesman and politician and father of Canada”.

It offered a $15 special on food and a beer named after Macdonald.

The post was deleted and the promotion was cancelled after a strong backlash.

An effigy of Macdonald was hung from a nearby window yesterday afternoon and Idle No More passed out pamphlets with a quote from Macdonald saying…”Kill the Indian in the child or he’s simply a savage who can read and write”.

Protest – Daughter Drop Off

A protest took place outside a house at 377 Brock Street on Labour Day after a bed sheet with large red letters was hung on Sunday saying…Daughter Drop Off.

Sunday was move in day for over 4,200 first year students at Queens.

The sheet that covered half of the first floor of the house was removed after complaints on Sunday.

Susan Lord organized the protest yesterday afternoon.  She says signs like this promote a lack of safety for women on campus.

Principal Daniel Woolf posted a message on Twitter yesterday saying, “offensive signage is unacceptable, will not be tolerated, and will be proceeded against under the Code of Conduct”.

Queen’s – Street Party

Kingston Police were forced to close down University Avenue on Sunday night after up to three thousand people gathered to party following move in day at Queen’s.

Police and the student government at Queen’s had issued a plea for students not to close down the street – but police say they were forced to close it to maintain safety.

No major problems were reported and the litter and broken glass were cleaned up Monday morning.

One man was arrested and a woman suffered a cut foot from broken glass.

Frosh week is underway with activities are taking place throughout the week for first year students at Queen’s.

St. Lawrence – Orientation

St. Lawrence College is welcoming new students to its Kingston campus today.

Campus tours, program information, a barbecue and live entertainment are on tap for the day.  The day starts with a welcoming rally at 9:45.

College President and CEO Glen Vollebregt will hold a tour of newly renovated spaces at the college this morning and outdoor games including Bubble Soccer will be held at Lake Ontario Park this afternoon.

School Buses

Kingston Police have issued a reminder to drivers to be prepared to stop for school buses and children crossing roadways.

The school year kicks into high gear today with school buses back on the streets.

New School

The Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board is opening its brand new elementary school in Kingston.  St. Francis of Assisi is the new home of students who had attended St. Peter, Holy Family and St. Patrick Catholic schools.  The new school doesn’t have formal classrooms.  Students will be placed in communities and each community has five learning studios and a specialty room.

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