Tonight at 8 we have a really cool look at one of the most influential, creative, way-ahead-of-it’s time albums of all time: The Beatles’ Srgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band AND, we are playing the WHOLE ALBUM!!!!

June 1967 was the beginning of the summer of love…hippies and flower children, drugs and sex and the Beatles Srgt Pepper’s was the soundtrack of the summer! Tonight, you’ll hear about the
amazing cover art…who was in the picture and who got left out. You’ll hear from fans and people in the music industry who remember where they were when they bought their album and who they were with the first time they played it. The stories behind some of the greatest Beatles songs of all time including their masterpiece “A Day in the Life”, “Srgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, “With a Little Help from My Friends”, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, “Lovely Rita”….

Join host Mell Dahl 8:00 PM tonight, June 1st, for “It was 50 Years Ago Today ~ Celebrating with Sgt. Pepper.”

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