Health Unit – Pot Sales

KFL&A Public Health says when marijuana goes on sale legally – it should be a not for profit system so it doesn’t create the same problems as illegal tobacco sales.

Legislation to legalize pot is expected to take effect on July 1st of next year.

The health units board of governors met yesterday and passed a motion asking the federal and Ontario governments to make sales of pot a not for profit system with the emphasis on public health and safety.

Electricity – Price Reduction Cost

Ontario’s budget watchdog says the net cost to taxpayers of the Ontario government plan to lower hydro bills will be at least 21-billion dollars…but the Financial Accountability Office says that’s only if budgets are balanced for the next 30 years.  It says the Ontario government will spend 45-billion dollars over the life of its hydro plan to save people 24-billion on their electricity bills.

School Bus Crash

An 84 year old woman from Picton has been charged after a vehicle collided with a school bus.

The crash happened around 7:45 yesterday morning at the intersection of Church and Union Streets in Picton.

The elderly woman was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Prince Edward County OPP say there were no injuries to the 22 students on the bus or the bus driver.


The Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority has cancelled flood warning for inland lakes…but…flooding continues to be a problem along the shore of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River.  The problem is expected to continue into the middle of June and a flood warning remains in place.

15 to 25 mm of rain today won’t help and there is the chance of showers tomorrow and on Sunday and Monday.

Brockville Plant Closing

Tough news for Brockville.

Proctor and Gamble has confirmed plans to relocate its operations in Brockville to a new plant in West Virginia.  It will be closing the Brockville plant in 2020 or 2021.  The plant employs about 500 people.

Homestead – CNIB Gift

The head of Homestead Landholdings is continuing to give away his fortune.

Brit Smith has given the Canadian National Institute for the Blind $1.125 million.

The money will go to renovating the Kingston office…a recreation hall at the CNIB’s Lake Joseph Centre and the CNIB’s office in Ottawa.  The CNIB Building in Kingston will be renamed the Homestead Community Centre and the hall at Lake Joseph will be renamed Homestead Land Holdings Recreation Centre.

Third Crossing

The Coalition of Kingston Communities and Barriefield Village Association are hosting a meeting about the Third Crossing tonight in conjunction with the City of Kingston.

The meeting has been organized to discuss the bridge over the Cataraqui River that comes with an estimated price tag of $180 million.

The city’s director of engineering, Mark Van Buren will make a presentation and there will be an opportunity for questions and comments.

The session starts at 7:30 tonight in the Artillery Park Multipurpose Room.



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