Third Crossing

The estimated cost of the third crossing has skyrocketed to $180 million dollars.

That’s $60 million more than the original estimate from six years ago.  The city released the updated design and business plan for the bridge yesterday and says the higher cost will not mean an increase in taxes.

The jump in the cost estimate is due to inflation and higher construction costs.

The city says it hopes both the federal and provincial governments will contribute $60 million dollars leaving the city to finance the remaining $60 million.  The city will show off the latest information at two open houses next week.  Staff will then compile a full report and it is expected to go to city council for consideration in June.

LaSalle Causeway – Closing

People will be dreaming of a Third Crossing this weekend as the LaSalle Causeway is scheduled to be closed from 9:30 tonight until 6 a.m. Monday.

Public Services and Procurement Canada says the closure is needed to install mechanical equipment and replace structural components on the lift bridge.

Pedestrians and cyclists will have periodic access throughout the weekend.

Joynt – Appeal

The former school teacher sentenced to eight months in jail earlier this week in Napanee for sexual assault is free on bail.  76 year old Neil Joynt is appealing his conviction and was released before going to jail.

During his trial last fall Joynt was found guilty of sexually assaulting two boys in the 1960’s and 70’s.

His appeal is expected to be heard in Toronto in October.

Pickers World Fire

Kingston Fire and Rescue continues to investigate the cause of the fire that destroyed part of the Pickers World Antique Market Wednesday night.  The fire started in a shed and spread to a building extension connected to the building fronting onto Princess Street.  Fire officials say the cause isn’t suspicious but still haven’t determined exactly what started the fire.

The initial damage estimate was $100,000…but it may be higher because 20 vendors lost items in the fire and container full of goods were also destroyed.


Measles has claimed a second adult victim in the Kingston area.

KFL&A Public Health says an adult woman is linked to a case of measles it reported three weeks ago.  She lives in the same apartment block as the woman who had contract measles in the first week of April.

A news release says the woman with the second case visited a restaurant and may have exposed people and those who haven’t been immunized are at risk of contracting measles.

Moving Time

It’s moving time for St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital and Providence Care Mental Health Services.

Patients from the two hospitals will be moving into the new Providence Care Hospital on Sunday.

Detailed plans have been developed for each of the 270 patients…150 from St. Mary’s and 120 from Mental Health Services.

Over 500 Providence Care staff and physicians are scheduled to work on Sunday to make sure things go smoothly. The move officially begins at 8 a.m. and is expected to be completed mid-afternoon.

Earth Day

Sustainable Kingston and the Skeleton Park Arts Festival will be hosting an Earth Day tomorrow in McBurney Park.

Music, craft demonstrations and children’s activities will be taking place and the Kingston Area Seed System Initiative will be selling seedlings.

The McBurney Park Neighbourhood Association is also hosting a cleanup of the park from 9 a.m. to noon.

Giveaway Day

The city says you can celebrate Earth Day by giving away your junk.

Tomorrow is…Giveaway Day in Kingston…a day people are encouraged to put items they no longer want on their front lawn for others to take.

Anything that doesn’t get picked up has to be brought inside at the end of the day because the city doesn’t collect unwanted items left at the curb.

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