Dawn House – Vandalism

The opening of the new Dawn House women’s shelter in Kingston’s west end will be delayed after some nasty vandalism.

The home at Milford Drive and Bayridge Drive was broken into sometime between 2 p.m. Sunday and early Monday morning.  Copper pipes were stolen along with two spools of wire and some tools.  Electrical wiring throughout the home was also cut.

The building is undergoing extensive renovations to prepare for housing 16 women and while insurance will cover some of the losses…it won’t pay the full cost.



Domestic Abuse

A 31 year old man from Kingston has been charged with three incidents of domestic abuse dating back to the summer of 2013.

Kingston Police say they began an investigation on March 10th after the man’s estranged wife reported the incidents…one in 2013 and two last year.

Police say the man turned himself in at police headquarter and has been charged with three counts of assault and two counts of uttering threats to cause death.

Allergy Study – Queen’s

A study on allergies being conducted at Queen’s University has found air fresheners can trigger allergies and asthma in children.

The study is called the Kingston Allergy Birth Cohort.  It involves 400 mothers and their children and has been going on for several years.

It found symptoms of allergies and asthma from air fresheners are similar to what children experience when they’re exposed to smoke.

Dumb Criminals

A 40 year old man has been arrested after running a stop sign on a stolen bike in plain view of a police officer.

The high end bike was worth about a thousand dollars.

The man has been charged with possession of stolen property, possession of hash and breach of conditions from a previous arrest.

And…A Kingston couple has been charged with theft of electricity…the man has also been charged with breach of probation.

It wasn’t hard for police to track them down…the cops found a brightly coloured power cord running from the victim’s home to the house of the accused around 11 p.m. on Friday.

Gas Price Increase

If you’re feeling OUTRAGED this morning…you probably had to fill your gas tank.

The price of gas has skyrocketed to over $1.20 a litre at most gas stations in Kingston…and across most of Ontario.

Oil companies say it’s because of a changeover from a winter blend to a summer blend.

Water Emergency Lifted

The state of emergency has been lifted for Picton and Bloomfield.

The water emergency was declared after a barge partially sank in Picton Bay.  Fuel leaked from the barge near the intake to the water treatment plant.

Prince Edward County mayor Robert Quaiff says the municipality will continue with comprehensive water sampling at the Picton plant and has begun considering how to avoid a similar incident in the future.


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