Meet our energetic, goofy Jack Russell Terrier named Bandit! Bandit is a 9 month old, neutered male who is in search of a structured, consistent home. Bandit is extremely active and high energy! He is the type of dog who would likely do well with agility. According to Bandit’s previous owners, he has a history of not enjoying the company of other pets. We have also found that he is definitely not a fan of doggy playdates at the shelter. He will bark quite loudly and jump at other dogs while out walking. Given his history, we are seeking a home that would have Bandit as their only pet. Crate-training in his new home will be worth exploring. Given that Bandit has extremely high energy needs and that he doesn’t mesh well with other pets, we are looking for a home with a fenced in yard so he can have off-leash time to play. He is not an apartment-pooch. Bandit needs a committed, active owner who is willing to seek behavioural consultation. If you have done your Jack Russell Terrier research, are an active, dog-experienced family with time to commit to a new pooch, and all human companions in your home are over the age of 12 years, drop by the KHS today!
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If you would like to adopt Bandit or any of the other “Friday Fur Balls” visit or stop by Kingston Humane Society at 1 Binnington CRT.
For more information contact the Kingston Humane Society at 613 546-1291

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