Do you have a loving home to offer a deserving feline? Opal came to the shelter as a stray, very timid and scared. She did not seem to have much socialization with people and was likely out on her own for some time. Our staff have been working with her, but she does still feel the safest hiding under a blanket or in her bed when at the shelter. She spent some time in a foster home where she became much more outgoing, greeting her humans at the door and cuddling up beside them. Opal will allow you to pick her up but will show her displeasure being held for long periods of time. She enjoys being petted while in her cage and while she’s not overly playful she does love catnip toys! She would be best suited to a quiet home where she could explore and settle in at her own pace. She may do well in a home with other felines given proper introduction. Do you have the patience and time to offer Opal the special attention she needs? Come down to the shelter and meet her today!
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If you would like to adopt Opal or any of the other “Caturday Cats” visit www.kingstonhumanesociety.ca or stop by Kingston Humane Society at 1 Binnington CRT.
For more information contact the Kingston Humane Society at 613 546-1291

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