Man Rescued

A man has been rescued from a fourth four window ledge at Kingston General Hospital.

Kingston Fire and Rescue says its technical rescue team responded to a report of a person on a fourth floor ledge at the hospital shortly before 9 a.m. on Sunday.  The rescue team used its ladder truck and carried out what’s called a snatch rescue.  They removed the man from the ledge and turned him over to police.

Queen’s Student – Frozen

An amazing story has surfaced about a Queen’s University student who froze to death a year ago and how a team of medical professionals at Kingston General Hospital brought him back to life.

The story first came out in the December 1st edition of the Queen’s Journal – but an extensive article in the Toronto Star gives the details of how Tayyab Jafar was brought back to life.

He took a drug overdose and walked to the Utilities Kingston pier on the Kingston waterfront where he collapsed in a snowbank and basically froze to death.

Jafar is 25 years old and returned to Queen’s in September after making a full recovery.  He says he’s happy he now has a second chance at life.

Queen’s Journal:

Toronto Star:

Fire – Bath Road Strip Mall

Fire has damaged a Kingston business located in a strip mall at 1730 Bath Road.

Kingston Firefighters were called out to the fire in K-Town Liquidators at around 1:30 p.m. Monday.

There’s no information available from the fire department on what happened – but the fire was quickly extinguished and smoke was cleared from the two adjacent businesses.

Long Weekend – Stores

It was a long weekend for some people and some people got caught by surprise as most retail outlets in Kingston were closed.  The city’s bylaw allows businesses to be open on holidays from May 1st to October 15th.  This year the rule changed for the downtown business improvement area and downtown stores could legally be open yesterday and an all statutory holidays.  Some stores were open…but most were closed.

Fraser Institute – High School Survey

The Fraser Institute says Marie Rivier French Catholic High School in Kingston is the fastest improving high school in Ontario.  The institute has issued its ranking of 740 school in Ontario based on seven academic indicators.

Detailed rankings are available online at:

Record Weather

This weekend’s mild weather broke records in Kingston.

The high of almost 10 degrees (9.7) on Sunday…broke the record of 8.9 set in 1981.

It was 7.7 degrees on Saturday and that was warmer than the previous record high of 6.3 set in 1981.

The warmer than usual weather in southern Ontario is forecast to continue this week.

Environment Canada says there is rain and possibly snow in the forecast for Kingston this coming weekend.

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