Back at it again! Hopefully your favourite part of your Monday is when you get to see the playlist is updated! If not, make your Mondays worse please, thanks.


Added a lot of good stuff this week, it’s shaping up to be a good year for metal, I was never much of a Kreator fan but their new album is setting the year off to a fantastic start, so I added World War Now from them, the latest Mastodon’s been released with an album slated for March, tons of good metal, and a few good punk songs strewn in there!


Let’s get to my pick of the week then, shall we?



Deaf Radio- Killers & Vultures


I found a fantastic YouTube channel that uploads tracks from obscure stoner and doom rock/metal bands.


So I’ve been getting into that realm a lot more recently, and I found a few tracks from a band called Deaf Radio.


I highly recommend you listen to the whole album, picture a heavier, more groove-oriented Queens Of The Stone Age, and that’s the best way I can explain Deaf Radio to you.


Now while I can’t make the full-album my pick, I can choose “Vultures and Killers”…


But seriously listen to the whole thing.


Check out the track above and listen to the playlist below.