Maracle Arrested

The 51 year old sex offender who took off from the halfway house at Collins Bay Institution has been arrested at a shopping mall in Cornwall.

A shopper recognized David Maracle and called police.  Maracle was arrested around 8 last night.

He had walked away from the Henry Trail Community Correctional Centre at Collins Bay on Sunday night.

Maracle had finished serving his sentence in 2015 – but was at the halfway house in Kingston on a long term supervision order until 2025.

Harassment and Assault

A 42 year old Kingston man has been charged with harassing and assaulting a woman he met on a social media dating site.  The two met…but…the woman didn’t want to continue the relationship.

Kingston Police say the man confronted her outside of her home after sending her unwanted text messages last week.  He grabbed her by the throat but let go when a passerby intervened.

The man was arrested at his home on Wednesday.

Fraud – Money and Prescriptions

A 51 year old Kingston woman has been charged with stealing approximately $3000 for her employer and writing 10 fraudulent prescriptions for narcotics.

A news release says Kingston Police Detectives began their investigation on December 29th…the woman was arrested on Wednesday of this week and charged with uttering a forged document and fraud.

College – Pay Hikes

The presidents of Ontario’s colleges won’t be getting big pay hikes.

Advanced Education Minister Deb Matthews has rejected proposed wage increases saying they do not meet legislative requirements.

St. Lawrence College and the provinces 23 other colleges have proposed large pay increases for their presidents…in some cases as much as 55%.

Matthews says the plans are unacceptable and must be adjusted.

Debit Card Fraud

Kingston Police are trying to track down a woman who scooped $12,500 from the account of a woman in Calgary by getting a bank in Kingston to issue her a debit card.

The suspect presented photo I-D from Alberta at the bank in Kingston after claiming she had left her debit card in Calgary.

The fraud wasn’t discovered until the real account holder in Calgary tried to use her debit card and it was declined.

Police have released surveillance pictures of the suspect in a bid to find the woman.

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