It took some work but I’ve done it! I got the numbers back up! There was a lull as I was getting back from Los Angeles, but now the playlist has 41 songs again!


I’ve got good ol’ classics, and of course those deeper cuts that you may not have heard on the radio.


But what’s the one that I feel like you NEED to listen to? Well let’s go…



Dune Rats- Scott Green




So you may not know this, but I’m a fairly young’n, which means I like partying and the music that goes along with it.


You may have noticed that trend in the music I add to the list, songs about drinking, having fun, upbeat stuff, of course the heavy metal combats it, but those are my two loves.


Dune Rats came to my attention through a friend, I told him I liked Fidlar and was looking for similar stuff, this is the band he suggested, while their first album had some good tracks, I felt it was a little bloated for what it’s been.


It feels like they thought so too, because the two singles they’ve released since then have been a LOT higher in energy and conciseness, the first one was titled “Bullshit”, their next single? Scott Green.


Play it when you want to get a party started, the video’s funny and good too, if a little gross. Just goes to show that Australians know how to party.


Check out the song above and listen to the playlist below.