Ahhhhhh it’s been a lovely two weeks In Los Angeles (okay… week on vacation and a couple days just off, lemme have this), but it’s time to get back to the ol’ grind, and that means updating the playlist!


I’ll admit, the new adds are a little light right now, but I hope to really ramp it up next week, we can only pray.


So what’s this week’s pick? Well after spending some time in California, it’s the only song that played in my head non-stop while I was down there, even if I’ve probably had it on the list before….


Dead To Me- I Wanna Die In Los Angeles



Alright I’ll fess up, I don’t know much about Dead To Me, the first song I heard from them was this one, excited, I turned to other songs by them.


But honestly? No other song interested me. In the slightest. This band never would have been on my radar… were it not for this track.


It starts off with a simple but powerful riff, and only gets better from there, the song takes shape when the first words leave the singer’s mouth “I wanna die in Los Angeles!”


Now the truth behind the song isn’t nearly as exciting as I’m making it seem, in all honesty, it’s about addiction. The lead singer/bassist Tyson “Chicken” Annicharico has been struggling with it for a while, in and out of rehab, every time he thought he was clean in the past, he’s relapsed. When he sings “I wanna die in Los Angeles” it’s himself saying “If you go down this road, some day, sooner rather than later, you’ll die. You want to die in Los Angeles if you do this.” and the song evolved from there.


Was my trip to California that harrowing? Not even close, but the song gets stuck in your head, and will loop for hours, I’ve honestly replayed this song more times than any other in recent memory.


I loved the trip, and I plan on going back again soon, I made friends, memories, and didn’t even get to all the stuff I want to do.


So if I die? I wouldn’t mind dying in Los Angeles.


Check out the video above, and listen to the playlist below.