Happy New Year K-Rock Listeners! And with the new year comes some fresh new songs, well most weeks it does but hey, let me have this.


This week’s pick is an oldie but a goodie, one of the best live acts of the past 30 years, and you may not have even heard of them.


The Jesus Lizard- Killer McHann (Live)


The Jesus Lizard was a noise-rock band in the late-eighties and nineties, they were truly unique (except for the vocalist’s previous band, “Scratch Acid”, but I’ll get to why in a second), the guitar sounds of Duane Denison seemed like texturing and layering, leaving the tight grooves and rhythm of David Wm. Sims’ bass and (mostly) Mac McNeilly’ drums the musical star of the show.


Oh but David Yow is an absolute madman.


David’s vocal stylings sound like a raving lunatic, and that is most certainly not an understatement, he sputters, he screams, he’s hoarse, panicked, and most of the time, makes exactly no sense.


But live is another tale entirely. While the band rocks out in the background, Yow jumps around into the crowd, picks fights, pushes the audience, and drips sweat.


It’s really beyond words to describe, which is why I picked a live version of their final track from their debut album Head: Killer McHann, while the version on the playlist is different from the video, you still need to watch the video. Want to know why you need to watch it?


Because in this one he keeps his pants on.


I’m not kidding, it’s not uncommon for him to… let his freak flag pole fly during a show.


That does it for me! I’m off to Los Angeles! I’ll be back the 16th! Wish me luck!


Check out the video above, and listen to the playlist below


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