So the time of metal reign has passed for the playlist…


Don’t get me wrong, there’s still plenty, but I’ve thinned the herd a little bit, added some Iron Maiden and Gloryhammer… but I tried to add more garage rock and punk in there, my 3 loves united.


That being said, let me contradict everything I just said with my pick of the week.



Sabaton- Into The Fire (Live at Woodstock Festival)


“Do you remember an album called ‘Primo Victoria’?”


And so begins the song (and live concert video) for Sabaton, playing Into The Fire at the Polish Woodstock festival in 2012.


Into The Fire, like 99.9999% of Sabaton’s songs, tells the story of war. While usually based around WWI or WWII, Sabaton has deviated before (releasing a concept album about the Swedish Empire, for example), but this is one of their earlier songs, and is based on the soldiers who fought in Vietnam.


While the subject matter is heavy, and the music to match it, Sabaton is one of the best live acts around. And in fact have a Canadian date in Toronto on their upcoming tour.


Just saying, probably what prompted this pick.


Check out the video above, and listen to the playlist below! Updated every week!


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