Two weeks ago, Metallica released their latest album: Hardwired…. to Self-Destruct!


So, naturally, I added a lot of Metallica, had some other Big 4 tracks there as well.


Welllll the metal has kept going this week, I’ve got cuts from all walks of the genre, stoner, sludge, crossover, death, plus some heavy rock tracks in there too.



Which track on the playlist is my highlight this week?



Iron Reagan- Miserable Failure

I first came across this band in my last year of high-school.


Their album at the time was “Worse Than Dead”. The name, and the artwork drew me in, but the songwriting couldn’t really make the grade, I chalked up the band to a good idea, without the meat and potatoes to back it up.


This changed when I saw the video for Miserable Failure, the teaser track for their upcoming album “The Tyranny Of Will”.


A sense of humour, an awesome riff, and finally the songwriting to back it up.


I bought the album when it came out. 25 songs. 33 Minutes.


Whew, what a ride.


Check out the video above, and listen to the playlist below, updated weekly!


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