The K-Rock Life Rules. A list of rules we should all abide by

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-Eye contact will not be made while going to the bathroom (Every guy)

-Conversation can happen, but no lingering (Tony Orr)

-Never choose a urinal directly next to another man, unless that is the only free urinal (Bryan)

-Always Clean the toilet seat after use. Don’t be the person who left something behind (Matt Soper)





-If it’s a potluck or BYOB, you MUST bring something or you cannot partake (Ian)

-Never drink beer through a straw. Have some self respect (Matt Soper)

-If you open a beer, you must finish it. No exceptions (Shawn)





-Socks and sandals are NEVER OK (April)

-Under no circumstances can a person ever give themselves a nickname (Travis)

-You cannot bail on plans if it is within 1 hour of said plans. Otherwise you’re labelled a dink (Bailey)