Prison Farms Meeting

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale and Correctional Officials will host a town hall meeting tonight to hear from people about the feasibility of re-establishing the prison farms at Joyceville and Collins Bay Institutions.

The meeting starts at six tonight in Memorial Hall at Kingston City Hall.

The Save Our Prison Farms group is holding a rally before the meeting.

The group believes the farms provide rehabilitation and training opportunities for inmates.

Bedford – Predator

A Kingston man with a history of preying on girls on the Internet doesn’t want to cooperate with police.

Mark Bedford won’t agree to a two year peace bond that would limit his use of the internet and contact with children and teens.

A two day hearing is taking place in Kingston.  It will resume tomorrow.

Bedford was convicted on ten charges and sent to prison in 2008.  He was released in 2011 after serving his sentence but was sent back to prison for violating conditions of his parole.

Weed Control

Two herbicides will be tested to determine how effective they are in controlling Wild Parsnip in Kingston.

One will be put on the blades of the mowers used to cut grass and weeds along the sides of roadways…the other will be sprayed on the weeds.

The city says the herbicides won’t be used in areas where they may come into contact with people and the trial will take place on rural roads.

Sandy Pines

The Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre is asking for help from the public after a huge increase in injured wildlife.

Assistant Director Leah Bermingham says they are in dire need of donations.

Bermingham says severe drought conditions have led to the shelter care for 400 more patients this year than last year.

She is encouraging supporters to make donations and anyone who has a fund raising idea is being asked to contact the Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre.

Kingston Pen Tours

Tours of Kingston Penitentiary are definitely the hot ticket in Kingston this summer.

The St. Lawrence Parks Commission says about 50 thousand tickets have been sold making it the most popular tourist attraction in Kingston this year.

Tickets for August are almost sold out.

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