Coffee may be the best thing to get your day started, but not after a night of music…


A study conducted at the McGill University Auditory Sciences Laboratory took three different groups of female albino guinea pigs, and exposed caffeine to one, 110-db of “pure tone sound” to the next. and both to the last group.


So they ran the experiment for 15 days and what did they find out?


Well it seems that the group that had caffeine after the loud sound, weren’t exactly recovering as well as the ones who didn’t…


For example, on the eighth day of the experiment, the group without caffeine had recovered… most of their hearing, except for one frequency (20kh).


The group with caffeine, however, had issues at 3 different frequencies (8-, 16-, and 25-khz).


The whole sciencey study can be found here if you’re so inclined to read it.


Now of course, as with most science, the correlation and causation needs to be researched further, but next time you go to a concert… maaaybe stay off the coffee the next day.


Oh and bring ear plugs, but that should be mandatory anyway.



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